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a clockwork orange, buster rant casey, cars, cevin key, classic cars, coffee, combichrist, croissants, dangerous liasons, daydreaming, dismantled, dr wilson, elephant guns, emilie autumn, everyday technology, filmed before alive studioaudience, fine dress, frocks, germany, guns, h.i.m., harry potter, horror, house, ice cream trucks, insulin, jack, kmfdm, lady gaga, mdfmk, me, mp3 players, my so-called life, norway, pie, saint gut-free, sarcasm, sci fi, scones, skinny puppy, skold, snarky laughter, suits, sweden, tattoos, tea, tea time, telling time, that one feeling, the birthday massacre, the dark tower series, the opposite of bighair, vnv nation, watches, weight watchers, writing
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